Personal Bio:

My creative endeavors kicked into high gear during a time of crisis. After many procedures and tests, we learned that our baby girl needed multiple heart surgeries, and a liver transplant to survive. Having many idle hospital hours, I began to turn my motherly fears into creative therapy through art journaling, hair clips, and awareness jewelry.

I’m happy to report our girlie is doing great! Now, I have a new passion to encourage others during their difficult times. Whether it’s a small pendant or a large painting my hope is the message of love & encouragement will touch the heart of its recipient.

Fear, heartache, and pain have robbed so many of us of our God given destiny.

I hope to inspire you to rise up and OVERCOME...

Love & Blessings - Jenny

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Artist Statement:

Jenny Bagwill is an artist residing in St Louis, MO. Painting is her passion. She specializes in abstract designs of bold colors and textures. Occasionally she will incorporate a hand-painted flower or two to satisfy her realist fans. Her work has been sold in local galleries, shows, and online. Whether it's a small pendant or large painting, her hope is that a message of love and encouragement will penetrate the hearts of all who see her work.

She welcomes custom order requests.

Feel free to contact her directly: