Starting Over – Again!!

Have you ever had a moment in life that causes you to take a step back, think, and decide to start over? It can be freeing and liberating to begin again. However, the stigma of trying things differently can often become a huge obstacle. This website has been exactly that for me. A labor of love and a multitude of obsticles. I’ve had an online presence through website and/or online shops for many years. But I decided that the next step in my art development required – a central hub – if you will. And that hub has birthed this new site.

I hope you take some time to check out this site and also visit my brand new online shop that features my artwork printed in various forms: Jenny Bagwill Art Shop

I still have my previous Etsy shop still open (I’m trying to decide if I’m going to close it… We’ll see if I can get enough traffic at my new shop to justify closing down Etsy.) But until then you can still see many jewelry & awareness pieces here: JeWeL 4U

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